Sunday, September 8, 2013

Portland, Oregon

By Chuck

The Elk That Wasn't. The artist claimed it is an elk; most everyone else thinks it is something else. You decide if the physical criteria are met. The neck is too long, the hind legs too skinny...

Leprechaun Park--claimed to be the World's Smallest. Originally slated to be a hole for a lamppost and changed to a park by popular acclaim.

One of a number of murals located around Portland.

Japanese Tea Gardens. This lovely waterfall is both lovely and peaceful. It is one of five gardens in the park.

Sand and Stone Garden. The essential elements of a Japanese Garden are stone, water and plants. Sand represents water in this garden, while stone represents both plants and itself. This style of garden is often present in Zen monasteries for contemplation.

Mount Hood Beyond the Portland Skyscape

Another Mural in Portland. This was in the Pearl District and depicts athleticism circa 1912.

A Fountain and Park in Downtown Portland. Children and their parents were frolicking among the stone steps and water.

The Chinese Garden in Portland's Old Town Area

These sculptures were in the Chinatown Area of Portland. They were reminiscent of Chihuly's work. They seemed to have solar panels for capturing energy; we wish we could have viewed these at night to see if they glowed.