Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Galiano Island, BC

By Chuck

When we were in Africa in May, 2013, we mentioned to one of our fellow travelers who was from Washington that we were planning a road trip to the Northwest and planned to stop in the San Juan Islands. He asked why we wanted to go there and suggested the Gulf Islands instead. "What are they?" we asked. They are part of the same geological island group, only owned by Canada. Claire did some research and settled upon Galiano Island, 1-1/2 miles across at its widest point by 16 miles long.

We decided on Driftwood Village Resort. Our cottage has a fireplace, kitchen, separate bedroom, and hot tub in the garden and even a badminton court. Our deck has a view of Active Pass where all the ferries go by.

Beach on Galiano Island at the Galiano Inn where we stopped for lunch

Looking back from the pier toward the inn and restaurant

Lunch from Wood-Fired Pizza at the Galiano Inn. We couldn't wait to take the picture, but we loved our artichoke, sun-dried tomato and olive pizza.

Claire at the beach on Galiano Island, BC

We saw this incredible, almost-invisible tree house. We were pretty sure it wasn't safe (anymore?), but we couldn't even see how you gained access. There was only a 1/4" nylon rope hanging down that would be impossible(?) to climb.

View on a walk near our cottage

Hummingbird Pub--Best pub on the island. Also, the only one. But, it is outstanding.

Claire's Mushroom-Nut Veggie Burger with grilled vegetables and Asiago cheese, with a side of salad.  This could only be eaten with a knife and fork.  Outstanding!

Chuck's Galiano Burger with cheese, mushrooms and bacon, with a side of potato salad

Watching one of many ferries go by from a nearby beach. We can also see them from our deck, but they are somewhat obscured by the foliage. Note the tiny lighthouse in the background in the lower right corner.

Our Last Supper--on Galiano. We ate at the Hummingbird pub, again. Claire splurged on French Fries to accompany her veggie sandwich.

I wanted something warm and comforting: Farmers Soup (with meat) and a Starvin' Marvin open-face sliced beef sandwich with grilled onions and mashed potatoes. For dessert, we repeated the warm Apple Crisp a la mode. Sure glad we discovered this place.