Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seattle Day 2

By Chuck

Claire and I love reading, books and libraries. We visit them whenever we hear they have something unusual to offer--for example in Alexandria, London and Amsterdam. We had read that the Seattle library was worth checking out: So we did. This expensive, controversial landmark is an almost space age presence in the heart of downtown.

Claire was unable to purchase an e-book from Amazon using the Moda Hotel's WiFi; so we tried again at the library. Success! We think this place is terrific.

Looking across to the Living Room

View from the Inside

 View from the Escalator--Eye Watching You and Egg-Face

 The Cafe

The Cafe and Living Room Seen From Above. Note the "Grass" on the floor.

 Looking back down the escalator. It only goes one way, up to the 10 levels--the elevator takes you back down.

 One of the office pods

 Looking outside at a rooftop park and downtown buildings

 Chihuly in the Library

The old and the new--buildings across from the Seattle Library

One of the few times I indulged in a beer. I enjoyed my dark Gordon Biersch dark ale and the 1750 calorie bread pudding dessert with whiskey sauce.

Many people seem to take their miniature pets with them around Seattle. This young woman has a small dog with her.We saw this quite a bit.

This is an art installation serving as a backdrop for the amphitheater stage from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The Space Needle is nearby.

This is a Frank Gehry piece that houses the terminus for the monorail and the Experience Music Project (music + sci-fi + pop culture). This monorail, and the Space Needle are the only infrastructure elements remaining from the 1962 World's Fair. We took the 90 second monorail to the park from downtown.