Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Columbia River Gorge

By Chuck

Our First View of the Columbia River Gorge

Vista House: Overlooking the Columbia River Gorge

Wahkeenah Falls--First of Several Falls Sightings

Multnomah Falls--A Perennial Favorite

Claire at Multnomah Falls

Mossy Rocks Along the Way

This Tunnel provided original passage through this area; then it was filled in to provide stability as the railroad was built alongside it; finally, it was restored in 2009. Claire is about to inspect it from within.

Bridge Detail--the supports are wood with reinforcing metal straps

Oneonta Gorge--next to the tunnel

Horsetail Falls

Portland Spirit--prior to taking us on a two hour jaunt down, then up, the Columbia River.

Some of the Superstructure and Accoutrements of the Bonneville Dam

The Several Local Native American Tribes are permitted by treaty to perform sustenance fishing along the banks of the Columbia. This is by far the most elaborate site we viewed. Note the teepee in the background.

This is the Bridge of the Gods. It was built after a gigantic landslide destroyed the natural bridge that pre-existed.

Underside of the Bridge of the Gods. I couldn't escape the feeling that I was observing the efforts of a graduate student's erector set project. I mean this baby is skeletal.

The Only Other Ship Sighted Today--though there were many smaller craft. This one never left its mooring while we were about.

The Sternwheel of Our Sternwheeler